PT. PRASADA SAMYA MUKTI or PSM was established in 1990 as a property management company. With a start up capital of Rp. 1 Billion, PSM has been able to build itself a building and rent it?s space to a well established construction company in Indonesia.

From that humble beginning PSM then start to diversity its operation. With the steady growth of Indonesian industry so does the need for a special technical services which supports it. PSM then starts its Heat Treatment Services followed with Non Destructive Testing and Chemical cleaning services. To further broaden its experience, PSM has also done technical trading with various clients and principal both from Indonesia and abroad.

During these 20 years of service experience, PSM has a proven track record of providing both international and domestic clients with reliable and high quality results. To maintain our quality PSM has been accredited TYPE-A Certification by KAN (National committee for Accreditation) to proof that our inspection services operation is in compliance with Inspection Agency Standard of Operation Requirement in Accordance with SNI 19-17020-1999 or ISO/IEC 17020. From here and on PSM will continue to strive itself to be give its clients the best services by continuously upgrading our team?s capabilities, equipments and methods and to achieve stakeholders satisfaction.